Electrosport is the best place to use Radio Controlled Cars and Trucks in a fun and safe environment.

Wednesday buggy racing

For the experienced competitive RC driver, buggy racing offers the pinnacle of the RC Racing experience and the people in ottawa are among the best in the north america. Come and learn! Can you beat them?  Try it and see if you can! Wednesday night racing is $30 per driver and gives you permission to come on Friday nights, saturdays and sundays to practice.   

The buggy racing community has a specialized Facebook Group for Q&A: https://www.facebook.com/groups/electrosportrcracing 

Thursday mud-boss racing

Dirt oval racing provides a relaxed and supportive atmostphere. All you need to bring is a basic 2 wheel drive “Short Course Truck”  and it will need some minor modifications for the oval track.  Then you can discover how much fun it is to get chased and be chased on a dirt oval!!!  Even kids who have just gotten their first RC can enjoy high speed drifting around a dirt track!


Want to drive your RC without the pressure of racing?  You can play around on the dirt track, or hone your skills on the clay track. Both of them are indoors and private property, so you can relax and have fun.

  • Friday from 6pm onwards, both tracks open, no scheduled racing
  • Saturday 9 to 5, both tracks open, no scheduled racing
  • Sunday 9 to 5, both tracks open, no scheduled racing


Join this Facebook group for general Q&A: https://www.facebook.com/groups/electrosportrc


  • $30 weekly pass includes any event on wednesday, thursday, and open track on friday, saturday, or sundaay
  • A one day pass is available on Open Track sessions, and it costs $20  per named driver.
  • There are no employees, so please bring correct change and follow the posted instructions 
    • You can download the form and bring it already filled out. The form is here.


  • This is private property, be respectful and leave things as they were when you arrived.
    • Bring your garbage home
  • Video alarm is on 24×7. Do not come outside of the scheduled hours
  • Pay before you unpack. 
  • Be respectful and keep your opinions to yourself; everybody is there to have fun,
  • If someone is causing an issue, they might not realize it, so if you must approach them, then do so calmly and show respect
    • To report issues, post them into the facebook group
    • an admin will reply with a clarification or a ruling.
  • Management reserves the right to ask you to leave the property (and not come back).

When you arrive

  • park in designated area
  • enter the large building 
  • look for posted instructions near the stairs
  • Bring correct amount of paper money, there are no staff on site to give you change