Electrosport RC Ottawa’s Premiere Facility for
Radio Controlled Cars and Trucks

Friday Night Racing and Open Track

(September 1st to December 29th)

  • Lights automatically go on at 5pm and turn off at 11pm
  • Clay Track is available for any vehicle with a maximum 3 cell battery  
  • Crawler Park, Basher Dirt Track is available for any size of truck with any battery
  • Day Time Usage: Members can use the track as long as they understand, there will be no heat, no lights.


  • 1600 Bankfield Road, Ottawa
  • Private Property: enter the property at your own risk

Membership Plans

  • Start by sending funds to ward@electrosportRC.com
    • $80 monthly membership (per person)
      • Children under twelve are half price and must be supervised by an adult member
    • When you send the funds,
      • Put drivers’ names and at least one email ID in the etransfer Message 
      • Normally, it is autodeposit but Desjardin bank does not support autodeposit
        • Desjardins clients: use electrosportrc as the mandatory passsword
    • A membership is non-transferrable and non-refundable
    • A membership starts on the first day of the calendar month and ends on the last day of the calendar month
    • It does not carry over
    • New Members: a reduced fee will be charged, depending on how many fridays are left in the month
  • Members are provided a badge (sent by email to you)
    • A printed copy must be in full view of camera when you enter the building
    • Must be visible at your RC Pit Table


  • This is a family friendly, and inclusive environement for all people. 
  • Everyone in the building exhibit proof that they are a current member; no exceptions.       
  • You are expected to act safely and in accordance with posted rules . 
  • Management reserves the right to ask you to leave the property.